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Hinson on Fox Business: We Shouldn't Raise Taxes on Iowans, Must Address Border Crisis

March 29, 2021

Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (IA-01) today joined Mornings with Maria on Fox Business to discuss the Biden Administration's next spending proposal, the crisis at the Southern Border, and Speaker Pelosi's attempt to overturn the certified election results in IA-02. Key highlights are below

Click here to watch.

On the Administration's next spending package: "There will probably be a lot of bipartisan support for things like roads and bridges and locks and dams. I was just at our lock and dam system last week here in Iowa's First District. You'll see a lot of bipartisan support for targeted infrastructure spending ideas, but to me it's a red flag when they're signaling they have already got to go to this partisan process of reconciliation possibly to pass additional spending and additional tax increases. We've got to stop disrespecting taxpayers and the way Washington spends money is broken. Iowa taxpayers sent me to be their advocate. If Democrats spent as much time looking for bipartisan ways to get this done and less time looking for loopholes in the partisan process to get pork spending done, I think we would be in a better place as a country."

On the border crisis: "We're not getting the full peel back of the curtain. The Biden Administration has been releasing government sanctioned photographs of what is happening at the border. Members of Congress are traveling to the border so we can properly tell the story of the crisis that's happening there. Those border crossings you're talking about, unaccompanied minors are coming to the border in droves. As a parent you look at that and you think boy, this is a human rights crisis happening at the border. One way or another, through their words and their executive actions, the Biden Administration signaled to these families that the border was open. We have a crisis at the border so we need to take action on that and fix that so that these families are taken care of as they're coming across. The first step is realizing that there actually is a crisis at the border and it was done by executive order."

On IA-02: "It's abhorrent that six Democrats in Congress could override the votes of six Iowans who decided this election. The votes were counted, they were recounted, and certified by a bipartisan group in Iowa. States certify elections, not Congress. They didn't get the outcome they wanted so they're trying this avenue instead. I think it's just a disservice to the voters of the country. How are we supposed to be having faith in our vote if any time the majority party is in power they can control the outcome of these elections?  Votes matter. Elections matter. That is exactly what we saw in Iowa. It was certified and Mariannette Miller-Meek is the Congresswoman."