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Hinson Holds Round Table on Increasing Affordable Child Care Access in Iowa

November 19, 2021

Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (IA-01) held a virtual round table with 17 child care providers and industry stakeholders to discuss ways to increase affordable child care access in Iowa. 

"Working families in Iowa continue to struggle to find affordable child care options. Child care is a labor of love, it is the work force behind the work force, but there are so many challenges facing this critical industry right now. Providers have waitlists of over one hundred kids but don't have the staff, resources, or capacity to take care of them right now. We talked in depth about these strains, as well as potential solutions. I'll continue working on common sense ways to increase access to affordable, quality child care for working families." 

Hinson has introduced two pieces of legislation to expand child care options in Iowa: 

  • The ACCESS Act would expand usage of Economic Development Association Grants to increase the supply and availability of child care in Iowa.
  • The Child CARE Act would examine regulations on child care in each state, looking at the impact on cost, quality, and supply to enable Congress to make smart decisions on how and where to invest taxpayer dollars.