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Rep. Hinson Statement on Rep. Gosar

November 17, 2021

Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (IA-01) released the following statement on the vote to censure Representative Paul Gosar (AZ-04) and strip him of his committee assignments.

“I strongly condemn Representative Gosar for posting a video depicting violence against another Member of Congress and the President. There is no excuse or justification for this behavior.
“Any form of violent rhetoric is unacceptable and as elected officials with large platforms we have to set the example we want the rest of the country to follow. It has been incredibly disheartening to watch Members of both parties fail at this and the temperature in our political discourse continue to rise.
“Currently, Speaker Pelosi determines what legislation comes to the Floor for a vote. While she has brought up votes against Republicans for misconduct and to remove Republicans from Committees, she has refused to do the same for Democratic Members for their own misconduct.
“Accountability for wrongdoing shouldn’t be determined by your Party, but that is the unequal standard Speaker Pelosi has decided to set.
“We have to respectfully communicate our differences on policy issues and all commit to lowering the temperature in our nation’s political discourse.”
-Congresswoman Ashley Hinson